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Be Where you Cannot Be... Go Back in Time.

"We were so excited to see the end product - and it didn't disappoint! On the day, we never felt like we were on video but all the highlights were captured. Now we feel like guests at our own wedding! We had grandparents who couldn't make the trip and friends abroad who can feel part of the action - we will always value owning this incredible memento of the wedding. We can't wait to be transported back to 2017 for years to come. A huge thank you to Julie and the team for getting our big day in 360!"

Jess and Joe, Hedsor House

"It was such a pleasure working with The Big Day 360 on my client’s wedding this summer. Not only are they the perfect combination of professional and friendly they also deliver an exceptional and very unique service. I was absolutely blown away by the end results and it was such an incredible experience being able to relive and fully immerse myself in the wedding again (including behind-the-scenes) via 360° video. If you haven’t thought about 360… then you must!"

Katrina Otter, Wedding Planner

Working with...

Cliveden House

Kew Gardens

Hedsor House

"Thank you so much to The Big Day 360 for creating such unique 360 degree videos and photos of our wedding day.

The concept means that every time we relive our big day, we see new aspects of the wedding.

Using the virtual reality headset to navigate through the photos and videos is absolutely amazing - it is a completely immersive experience and so much fun to watch friends and families reactions.

At the wedding itself, the equipment is unobtrusive. Julie and The Big day 360 are consummate professionals. Thanks again"

Maria and John, Hampton Court House

"It was a wonderful experience watching and re-watching our wedding, literally all around us.

On your wedding day you think you see everything, but when I watch back now 2 years later, I get to witness many more special moments I never knew happened.

It became an emotional and happy journey all over again."

Shoo Shyuan & Barry, Sept 2015, Singapore.

"Sadly I was unable to attend my nephew's wedding in Singapore, but seeing it in 360 degrees on the headset and on the screen made me feel like I was there.

Truly wonderful!

Auntie Dorcas, Aged 90, Teignmouth UK

Why is 360° video Breathtaking?

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Imagine this... Looking in any direction at anyone or anything. The sky, the guests, the smiles... you choose.

Unobtrusive, so you will capture relaxed and natural moments.

You will notice magical new details every time you visit your Big Day.

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Imagine this... Many years after The Big Day, going back and seeing the delight on the faces of your friends and family as if you have been transported back.

You will feel as if you are back at the venue, an amazing immersive experience. You have not fully recorded your wedding if it is not in stunning 360°

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Family and friends unable to attend your Big Day will not miss out with this immersive experience.

This is what we can do...for Your Big Day.

You can go back and re-live the happy day... as if you are actually there. You will notice stunning new memories every single time.

The Process

360° Wedding Video. Truly Amazing.

Step 1
Getting To Know You

We will set up a meeting so we can get to know you. This can be in person or on the phone or Skype. We will discuss your big day in detail to make sure we deliver the memories you need.

Step 1
Step 2
Planning The Big Day

Before your wedding day, if needed, we can meet at the venue to confirm filming locations and the timing of your Big Day.

Step 3
The Big Day

We have met you, we have been to the venue, we know the key filming locations and timings. You just need to enjoy the day, we will record the memories.

Step 3
Step 4
Delivering Your Precious Memories

You will be transported back to The Big Day via a computer display, a phone or tablet. For the most immersive experience we recommend a VR headset.

Don't worry, we will help you with any technical queries, its much easier then you imagine!

Our 360 Albums

Whether you simply send a link for your guests to enjoy, or want the latest and greatest playback technology available, there is a 360 Album for you.

The Imagine 360 Album

Professional unobtrusive 360° VR Camera and operator.

3 fully immersive 360° scenes. Feel like you are there again!

Delivered in the complimentary Big Day 360° "One Click" 360° Album*.

All 360° video files at the highest resolution delivered to you to keep on DVD or USB stick.

Please enquire about additional 360° video scenes 360° Photo scenes.

New! Live Streaming available.Find Out More

Please Enquire**

The Inspire 360 Album

Professional unobtrusive 360° VR Camera and operator.

6 fully immersive 360° video scenes. Travel back in time!

8 fully immersive 360° photo scenes.

Delivered in a complimentary "One Click" 360° Album* + fully VR headset enabled.

All the high resolution 360° video files and 360° Photo files delivered to you to keep on DVD or USB stick.

New! Live Streaming available.Find Out More

Early booking rates available.

The Exquisite 360 Album

2 x Professional unobtrusive 360° VR Cameras and 2 x operators.

10 fully immersive 360° scenes. Re-live the day!

Minimum 10 fully immersive 360° photo scenes.

Delivered in a complimentary "One Click" 360° Album* + fully VR headset enabled.

All the high resolution 360° video files and 360° Photo files delivered to you to keep on DVD or USB stick.

Addition of 360 Click.
Be a photographer at your own wedding. See a great smile or unforgettable moment? Simply Click and instantly send to friends or social media.

Top of the range VR headset! Ready loaded with your wedding, ready to go back in time.
A VR headset that is like a full VR Playstation, play Vr games, Visit thousands of VR experiences including travelling back in time to your wedding, as easy as snapping your fingers.

New! Live Streaming available. Find Out More

Early booking rates available.

The Bespoke 360 Album

All the elements of the Gold Package including:

12 plus fully immersive 360° scenes. Be a guest at your own wedding!

15 plus fully immersive 360° photo scenes.

The Ultimate Choice. Your 360 Wedding Album loaded onto an Ipad or tablet of your choice, the bigger the better! Bespoke personalised tablet album cover, open it together and go back in time!

The Best available today to view your Wedding... Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Playstation VR etc. You name it, we will deliver to you fully loaded ready to transport you back to your Wedding Day.

You choose how many tablets or installations. The sky is the limit!

Full one on one support. We love the look on our clients' faces the first time they travel back in time!

New! Live Streaming available. Find Out More

Starting from £5400**
Early booking rates available**
*The Big Day 360° online 360 Album is a complimentary service hosted on private servers for a minimum of 24 months. The full resolution 360 Video and Photo files will be delivered to you and are yours to keep forever on DVD or USB stick.

**We are based in London so depending on where you are, say more than an hour or two away, travel may be extra. We are happy to discuss your requirements.
The Science Bit


Frequently asked questions answered.

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About Us

We are a wife and husband team of London based filmmakers. We have worked on projects all over the globe, with leading companies including all the major broadcasters including the BBC and ITN. You will be working with professionals who are always pushing the boundries of what is possible, whilst capturing your big day.

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360 Click

Be a photographer at your own wedding.

Nothing can replace a talented wedding photographer, hovever this fantastic feature allows you to snap some memorable moments from your 360 album.

See a great smile? One click and you are able to send that picture instantly or post to any of your social networks.

Available on the Gold and Bespoke 360 Albums.

The Magical Photo Album

A bespoke online Album, to view your 360° photos.

Grab a corner, flip the pages and look at the photos from any angle. Magical.

We Are Ready To Help

For more information please contact Julie at: [email protected]

Any questions after The Big Day: [email protected]